BEFORANDAFTERSeasonal/Year Round Maintenance

Residential/CoPiscinemmercial Inground Pools

Routing Maintenance:

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
(Non-Contractual or Contractual Agreements)

• Maintaining pool Equipment (Pump, Filter, Heater, Salt Systems and Auto Sanitizer)
• Testing and Balancing of Chemicals
• Skimming Surface of Pool
• Brush Pool Walls and Floor
• Manual Vacuuming
• Clean Pump and Skimmer Basket
• Clean and maintain filter whether it is sand, gartridge or D.E.
• Anything it takes to keep your pool clean and inviting

All Clark County Stove and Pools professionals are trained experts in the installation and repair of most major brands of equipment and product, old or new.  We are also licensed and insured, don’t trust you investment to anyone who’s not!

If there is anything in particular you’re looking for,

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